arriku whispered: on a serious note. What kind of careers do you see them in, if normal people? :3


  • Ayato - after a pretty good pro athlete career, he’ll settle down and become a coach. I feel like ayato is actually pretty good at explaining things and he’ll relish the chance to show off his expertise to impressionable young people who’ll look up to him.
  • Laito - ENGLISH TUTOR. he will take his students to trendy cafes and gossip with the other tutors and probably have a number of err indiscretions with cute female students.
  • Kanato - I can see him doing delicate work like making dolls or dollhouses. some kind of craft where he can be alone and quiet while working.
  • Reiji - if not a vampire, I feel like Reiji would be #1 most likely to be a salaryman… but he’ll keep working hard and eventually work his way up the ladder. then when he ends up with 51% of the stocks, it’ll be his company~~~
  • Shu - concert violinist. but you’d best leave him alone in his off hours—he loves his sleep and prefers to be left alone. he doesn’t play because he wants other people to hear him, it’s just that he likes to get lost in the music and think about happier days. I hope that Yuma’s in the orchestra with him somehow…
  • Subaru - I can totally see him working as a bodyguard. he needs to have someone to protect and he’s pretty darn good at it. he probably takes his job really seriously and will sulk/rage if his ojou-sama sneaks off somewhere without telling him.
kitsunenomen whispered: Yui left the bathroom, smoothing her skirt. She bit her lip. It didn't feel right. Not... decent. Feeling lightheaded earlier, she'd chipped Reiji-san's favorite imported teacup; one he'd be at pains to replace. Now she must endure the consequence. He beckoned. "You did as I asked?" She nodded, coming to stand beside his chair. His hand caressed her thigh, fingers sliding.... up and further upward until finally.... she gasped. His mouth creased in a smile. "Ah, it seems your body is ready..."


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because most of my spazzing reaction was done on twitter ;u;

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It’s funny because reading those 3, you get three different sides of Reiji

In any case I’ll do one for each of you  o u ob 

"You truly are a masochist aren’t you?" Reiji asks adjust his glasses with an amused look. "I highly doubt beating you with a whip would do you any good in terms of learning, so perhaps..ah yes, there is another method." He looked at her with a great plan in mind. Reaching out, he grabbed her by the arm, lifting it above her head and brought his face closer. "I shall enjoy seeing you shamelessly giving into me."

And with those words he brought her to the dungeon, using chains to tie her up so that she couldn’t escape from him. “Drink this,” he tried to give her something sweet smelling but it seemed at first she wasn’t going to take it, so he pried her mouth open with the fingers on her chin so he could slip the liquid into her mouth, and made sure she drank it before letting go. 

"Enjoy this little gift from me," he grinned as he’d given her a fast acting aphrodisiac and made sure she couldn’t do anything about the heat she would feel.

natsukineko whispered: Playing with the hem of your skirt, Reiji looks at you with a stern face."I don't have all day" He says harshly You grab all your courage and grab the teapot and place it on the table "Your take on the service could be way better" Reiji judged. But there is no way back, after you shakily pour the tea in the cup, Reiji takes a sip Surprisingly he takes another one "Not bad." he mumbles "You are dismissed" he quickly said and you follow his order A red tint appeared on his cheeks. "Not bad at all"
narihira whispered: When Reiji drops you onto the bed, your first thought is of how soft it is. You sink down into the softness as he gets on top of you, his mouth leaving a trail of kiss marks until he arrives at your lips. His breathing becomes more labored even as he dextrously removes your clothes and his hands explore the ready flesh underneath. "I do hope that we don't make a mess." You can hear the grin in his voice. You dare to open your eyes just in time to see him remove his glove... And then he dives in.

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